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Build Lean Muscle, Strengthen your Bones, Drop Unhealthy Visceral & Body Fat for Life on a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle.
At Any Age.

Get your own Fit Vegan Health Team of Personal Trainers, Nutritionist and Doctors at your service to guarantee your successful health and body recomposition transformation.

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Our Promise:

We'll help you stay on track, stay committed and follow through so that you can have the health, body and life you deserve. While educating you and helping you speed up your metabolism post transformation. So that you can keep your amazing results for years to come and become a living example of what it's like to be a Fit Vegan.

We are backed by Top

Plant-based Doctors For A Reason.

We empathize with your struggles ... because we've experienced them too. You've experimented with numerous diets, yet still struggle to shed excess weight, tackle stubborn belly fat and actually keep it off. Your energy levels are dwindling, and your sleep quality is suffering.

It's evident that your metabolism and hormones aren't functioning optimally. Perhaps you've resigned yourself to this state of being. However, you deserve to feel vibrant, resilient, and full of vitality at any stage of life.

Enter the Fit Vegan Blueprint, the sole program equipped with science proven systems and a world class health team designed to facilitate fat burning and muscle building while creating results that will last.

Say goodbye to the Yo-Yo dieting cycle and frustration of not feeling your most optimal self and say hello to your new life.

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    Become the Healthiest and Fittest version of Yourself While Keeping The Weight Off. (We will help you speed up your metabolism post transformation)

Ready to take control and feel like your best self again?

Are you tired of trying countless diets and fitness regimens without seeing lasting results? It's frustrating to put in the effort, only to feel disappointed when the scale doesn't budge or your body doesn't change as you hoped.

The Fit Vegan Blueprint offers a new approach. Unlike other programs, it's rooted in whole food plant-based nutrition, providing sustainable results that you can maintain.

Say goodbye to the cycle of yo-yo dieting and hours of ineffective workouts that only leave you feeling tired and without results.

Our blueprint is backed by science and expert coaching, ensuring you achieve your wellness goals and maintain a lean and strong physique at any stage of life (We work primarily with clients from 45 to 80 years young).

Experience the transformative power of our reverse dieting process that will help you speed up your metabolism post fat loss. It's been designed to tighten and tone your body efficiently and help you eat more food to sustain your new body.

Our Goal Is To Make This Your Last Transformation.

Imagine having all the tools necessary to achieve your desired physique right at your fingertips. Look no further than the holistic Fit Vegan Blueprint.

With our program, you gain access to personalized coaching, invaluable educational resources, and unwavering support.

Plus, enjoy complimentary use of our state-of-the-art mobile app or desktop portal, equipped with everything you need to succeed on your journey to optimal health and fitness.

How To Create Your Own Fit Vegan Meal Plan

Follow a step by step plan to structuring your nutrition.

Your Plant-Based Transformation

We understand - You're frustrated With Failure. You've tried countless diets and fitness trends, only to be left feeling disappointed and disheartened. But now, there's hope. The Fit Vegan Blueprint offers a radically different approach that guarantees results.

Don't miss out on the opportunity. Spots are filling up quickly! With the Fit Vegan Blueprint, we guarantee you'll achieve your fat loss goals faster—or your money back. Say goodbye to the cycle of disappointment and hello to real, sustainable results.

Maxime Sigouin

Founder & CEO

Maxime Sigouin

Founder & CEO

The Fit Vegan Blueprint is backed by science and trusted by over 750 + clients.


"Lost 74 lbs in 10 Months"


"Got Abs For The First Time at 42"


"She's Thriving with Abs at 58"


"Abs For The First Time At 53"

Dr. Laurie

"Lost 3 Inches Around Her Waist"


"Competed a Half Marathon at 43"


Is This A Cookie Cutter Plan Or Is It Custom?

Our program is 100% custom to the individual, to their needs, environment, fitness level and conditions. Cookie cutter programs don't work and never have, that is why 95% of people gain the weight back on 6 months to 1 year after their fat loss and that our members continue to have success and stay the same weight 2-3 years after their transformation.

How soon will I start losing weight?

That's up to you. If you're willing to listen, be coached and put in the time and effort then you will see results immediately.

Let me share one of the reasons why I feel so confident you will succeed: Our members lose an average of 20 lbs in 16 weeks. So if you're willing to put in the work, you will start losing weight within the first few days.

Do you have any type of guarantee?

Yes we do. As of September 2020, we guarantee you results or we will continue working with you for FREE until you do. Certain criteria's need to be met to be eligible but know that we won't ask for 100% perfection as it's not realistic!

What does your coaching program teach?

We teach sustainable lifelong habits for optimal health and happiness. 

The reason why the average person cannot stick to "diets" is because there is a start and end date. If it’s not something sustainable that you can do for the rest of your life, it’s not a real solution. 

We will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about nutrition and training so that after our program ends you will not need another program ever again.We take out all the guesswork with our simple, done-for-you nutrition plans and workout programs.

How is this different from all the other workout programs I’ve already tried?

Let me give you several reasons why the programs you've tried before may not have worked for you. 

1) You never had a coach holding you accountable. What may have happened in your previous programs was that you paid and never heard from them again(except for some automated email or messages)

2) You're looking for a quick fix. If you're trying to look for shortcuts or the easy way out that's the exact reason why nothing's worked. You need something sustainable that you can do for the rest of your life.

3) You hired a personal trainer. A personal trainer is great to teach you how to move and exercise properly.

But it ends there. After you learn most of the exercises, you’ll quickly realize that you're paying them to count your reps. What happens outside of the gym for the other 23 hours? What if you want ice cream? What do you do?

4) You weren’t learning from someone who specializes in Vegan weight loss.

Your body is very complex and dynamic. Would you want to hire an expert who specializes in helping you in your specific situation or would you rather have someone help you who doesn't specialize in helping you?

It's like paying someone to renovate your house vs you trying to do it yourself.

Is it really possible to lose weight if I’m over 40 and have 3 kids?

Of course, the majority of my clients are around 40 years old.

As long as you're willing to commit and put in effort, you will lose weight.

The recipes are easy to make and the kids enjoy them as well. One of our Fit Vegan Tribe member once said "I can't believe you got my daughter to eat chickpeas, I've tried for years"And as for the question about doing the program while you have kids. The answer is yes!

You can definitely do the program while keeping up your responsibility as a parent. In fact, this isn't only a transformation for you, you will also be setting a great example of why it's important to take care of your health as well as teaching your kids how to eat healthy so they can grow up with good habits.

How exactly do you help?

Here is how we help you succeed in your transformation: 

1) We give you a simple and delicious done-for-you vegan nutrition plan (it’s updated every 2 weeks so that you never get bored of the food that you are eating).

2) We give you an effective and time efficient training program to help you get toned faster. We also update the training program every month to ensure that your body keeps progressing as effectively as possible.

3) We will help you conquer binge-eating, overeating and stress-eating using my TWEAK formula

4) We teach you how to still eat the foods that you enjoy while still losing weight. Can someone say vegan ice cream?

5) We give you your own performance mobile tracking app

6) We give you unlimited access to me, your coach, for any questions you may have

7) We give you weekly Group calls where we answer your questions, help you get unstuck and speak about different topics that help you to be successful in the areas of mindset, vegan nutrition, fitness and lifestyle choices.

8) We give you weekly check-ins to help keep you accountable and focused on your goals

9) We give you access to the Fit Vegan Tribe Private Group for world class accountability.

10) We give you access to all my e-books ranging from sleep optimization to digestion optimization

Bottom line: We give you a step-by-step plan and hold you accountable to execute the plan effectively and efficiently via our unmatched support. That way you will 100% reach your goal and transform your body for life. This is as 1-on-1 as it gets.

Will I get the support I need when my body stops changing?

Absolutely, We are in service to YOU. We understand that your body will adapt to the training and nutrition.

The beauty of having a one-on-one coach is that you aren't left alone to figure out what to do to continue your fat loss journey.

We will make the necessary adjustments to make sure that you continue progressing towards your goal.

Will I get a step-by-step roadmap even if I’m just getting back into shape?

Yes. In fact, I’d say starting from zero is often the BEST place to start. 

It means we can orchestrate your steps and lay out the quickest path to your dream body. As long as you are coachable and trust the process, we will move you in the right direction.

Can I pay you after I lose the weight?

Nope. Here’s the simple truth: If you’re not confident enough to bet on yourself, then I’m not confident enough to bet my time, money, and energy on you either. 

I’ve realized over time that success requires attention, risk, and sacrifice. And in removing those three elements, I would be doing you a disservice by positioning you to fail.

Can I find the foods I’ll need to eat if I live outside of North America?

Of course, we promote a flexible dieting approach, meaning that everything can be substituted in the meal plan. 

We have clients from 20 + different countries and they all find it very easy to make the meal plan fit their food options.

Can you help me to truly flatten my stomach and boost my booty like all coaches claim?

Yes of course, the proof is in the (vegan) pudding. 

Take a look at the transformations from above and you can judge for yourself.

How do I know if I’m ready to join your program? I feel I am way too busy with my work and kids. I hardly have time to take a shower.

The majority of the members of the FVT are Type A personalities, over-achievers that want to get more done (they are also often “perfectionists”).

They are single moms of 3, lawyers, doctors, PHD's, single dads, entrepreneurs, etc...They all see the value in staying healthy and taking care of themselves.

All you need is under 45 mins a day, 3-5x a week to do your workouts.I always say; "Make your health a priority, don't wait for your health to make itself a priority".

Because once you get to that point it's a lot harder to come back.

How is working with you any different from working with other fitness coaches?

Because I've been through what you are going through.

And we've also helped over 750 + people from 20 different countries between the ages of 20 and 84 years young accomplish life changing transformations.

In addition with earn just another "online program" we have world class reputation, are backed by some of the top plant-based doctors in our industry and have over 30+ years of experience in our team combine of coaching.

When working with us you get access to a full health team of nutritionist, doctor, personal trainer and mindset coach to ensure your success.

How did you get into shape?

Exactly the same way I will be showing you and exactly how over 750 + members of the Fit Vegan Tribe have. Ultimately you have to commit. If you don't commit you're not going to get anywhere.

You need to be consistent. Without consistency you also won't get anywhere.That is how I got into shape. Commit to the journey and process because this is for life. Be consistent day in, day out.

Be consistent with your nutrition plan, be consistent with your workout plan, be consistent with getting help when you need it.

Do you believe in rapid fat loss or slow and steady?

Slow and steady.

How many people do you know that rapidly lost fat or weight and then ended up gaining it all back?

The faster you lose it, the faster you gain it back.If you lose the weight more sustainably, it won't come back because when you lose it properly it is gone forever.

I’ve hired other ‘online fitness coaches’ and didn’t get results. How do I know this will work?

Because we've helped over 750 + people just like you from 20 different countries between the ages of 20 and 84 years young accomplish life changing transformations.

In addition with earn just another "online program" we have world class reputation, are backed by some of the top plant-based doctors in our industry and have over 30+ years of experience in our team combine of coaching.When working with us you get access to a full health team of nutritionist, doctor, personal trainer and mindset coach to ensure your success.

You likely didn’t get results because you were learning from someone who is just teaching what they heard on Youtube or read on Google. 

But that is NOT your fault. 

The #1 thing I hear from my students that have come from other programs is this, “They told me what to do but never actually showed me how.”That's because most other fitness coaches have never done it before. 

They've never helped over 750+ people in your specific situation. 

They don't specialize in helping you solve your specific problems.The other coaches are teaching you how to run before you know how to walk.

I will teach you how to walk before you run. 

I’m scared to invest.

I hear you. I was too when I first started out. I had already invested tons of money into other “coaches” as well. But finding a proper, qualified coach that I trusted was the best investment I have ever made in myself.

So, if you are a little scared, that is completely normal. It just means you are taking this investment opportunity seriously. But let me reassure you that fear is the path to your dream body!

And besides, if you need a little extra assurance, remember our “Better Than Money-Back Guarantee” I mentioned in a previous question. You literally have nothing to lose.

Just know that our programs start as low as $247/month and are created to be the last program you will need so we have something for all budgets.

I can’t afford this program. Anything you can do for me if I really want to start?

Yes, of course. I recommend booking your free consultation call so that you can at least get a game plan on how to get started and we can explore how we can work together for your budget. Disclaimer that we aren't cheap because you are hiring a full health team when working with is of personal trainers, doctor, nutritionist, mindset coach, etc...

We are not just another "online or influencer" cheap coaching program you can find online. This is a full blown health service with world class accountability and education so you can learn the right knowledge to be able to stay healthy and fit for the rest of your life.

Which will require you to financially invest in yourself but look at it this way. If you get diagnosed with any type of chronic illness from being sick of overweight long enough, a trip to the hospital can cost a minimum of $30,000 in the U.S to deal with these issues and we don't charge anything near that.

I am just coming back after an injury. Can you still help me?

Of course! The workout program is customized to you and how your body moves.

I will find out how your body moves and what your body agrees with first before giving you any exercise.

I am afraid to try another workout routine… I’ve tried so many...

You're afraid, I get it.Fear is an indicator that you care about this.

Fear also comes from a place of not knowing what the future holds and that is all in your hands. I will be completely honest with you.This program WORKS, simply take a look at the transformations. 

These members all have one thing in common, they did the work, they stuck with the plan, they reached out when they felt stuck. It’s that simple.

Book your call with me and let's go over what is making you scared. Because I know from personal experience and from seeing all our members succeed that success is on the other side of fear.

How do I keep losing weight after I hit a plateau?

That's what my job is.

Once you hit a plateau I will help you revamp and reset your nutrition plan and training so that you will continue losing weight after you hit a plateau.

Do you include check in’s to make sure I’m staying on track?

Of course!

Depending which program you choose I will be checking in with you daily or weekly.

I’m older, will this work for me?

My oldest client is 79 years old and still crushing their goals.

Age is just a number.

The only reason why it won't work for you is if you don't commit and show up.

Do I need to train at a gym or can I train from home?

You can do this at a gym or from the comfort of your own home (with a minimal equipment requirement).I designed the programs to work based on what you have access to.

You don't actually need a gym membership to see amazing results.

The only thing you need is to commit and be consistent.

You can do this at a gym or from the comfort of your own home.

How do I lose fat and build muscle at the same time?

You do this with our 3 Phase M.R.T Training protocol.

The goal is to build lean muscle so that your body burns fat.

You need some form of resistance training so that you can build lean muscle.Building lean muscle is what burns fat.

What if I’m skinny fat and I need to get rid of my belly and shape up?

That's not a problem.

You still need a resistance training program to help you build lean muscle.

Lean muscle is what's needed to burn fat and shape up.

Do I need to be ready to workout 2 hours a day and 6 days a week?

Nope. My program only requires you to train for 45 minutes 3-5x a week.

All my clients do this and you can see the kind of results they are getting.

Do you oversee my actual workout program and nutrition plans?

Yes, of course.We will be in communication daily and/or weekly via the mobile app.

I will know how your workouts went and how your nutrition is because the app will tell me when you completed a workout and you will also be doing daily weigh-ins and bi-monthly progress photos for me to track your progress.

Do I have to love to sweat and lift really heavy weights?

You don't have to love to sweat or lift really heavy weights.

But you do have to do some form of resistance or strength training so that you build lean muscle.

You have to challenge your body but you don't have to lift really heavy weights.

You have to train the way you want to look.

How long does your program last?

It all depends on how much weight you want to lose & what your goal is and it also depends on if you want to speed up your metabolism afterwards in order to be able to keep your new body while eating tons more food.

What’s the commitment?

Your health and fitness journey is actually a lifelong commitment.

But your commitment to my Fit Vegan Blueprint is custom on how much weight you need to lose. It wouldn't be fair for us to make the program the same length for someone who wants to lose 20 lbs vs 80 lbs.

Because we need to have time to speed up your metabolism post fat loss in order to ensure that the weight NEVER comes back.

Plus this will give us enough time to teach you everything you need to know to get lifelong results.

We do have other options available that can be discussed on the call if we find it's necessary.

Is there a discount if you pay-in-full?

Of course. And I strongly recommend it.

When you pay up front, you operate with higher levels of action and your mindset will change because you've made a commitment for the long run.

I have never hired a fitness coach and it’s intimidating. Shouldn’t I make some progress on my own first?

How has trying to make some progress on your own worked for you so far? How far has that gotten you?

You can do it on your own, but wouldn't you want to learn everything you need to know in 6 months vs spending years on your own trying to figure it out?

How much is it worth to you to learn how to get there faster, to get it right the first time?

What if there is an exercise I can’t do or doesn’t feel good?

That shouldn't happen because during our onboarding call we will find out what exercise feels good for you and what doesn't.

If for whatever reason something like that comes up then let me know and we will change the exercise for you.

What if I have food allergies? Will you force me to eat what’s on your meal plan?


The nutrition plan is totally customizable.

You eat what you want and like.

You just follow my guidelines.

How much should I set aside for groceries and supplements?

Nothing more than you already are spending.

In fact I'm probably going to save you money because you won't be buying food that you won't need.

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