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World's Top Whole Food Plant-Based

Body Recomposition Coaching Program

Meet The Fit Vegan Team

Maxime Sigouin

Founder & CEO

Meet our Founder and CEO Maxime Sigouin

Maxime has founded Fit Vegan Coaching after having lost his late partner to a 4.5 year battle with breast cancer.

He committed his life to helping people not ended up in a similar position by helping them live an active whole food plant-based lifestyle.

Which is why he created Fit Vegan Coaching a company that is on a mission to serve 10,000 people to get lean, thrive and reduce their risk of chronic illnesses on plants by 2033 and 1 million by 2050.

In the past 4 years along they've helped over 750 + vegans and veg-curious completely transform their body composition and health.

Since then we've become one of the worlds top whole food plant-based body recomposition coaching programs that exist.

Maxime is also the host of the Fit Vegan Podcast and a hybrid endurance athlete demonstrating to the world what's possible when you fuel yourself with plants.

Maxime Sigouin

Founder & CEO

Sarah Shoemaker

R.H.N, PT, Mind Body Eating Coach

Meet our Head Coach & Holistic Nutritionist Coach Sarah

With over 15 years of experience in personal training, 8 years as a holistic nutritionist, and certification as a Mind Body Eating Coach.

Coach Sarah embodies dedication and expertise in her field. Her mission is to empower individuals towards optimal health and well-being by integrating her knowledge of fitness and nutrition.

Coach Sarah adopts a collaborative approach with each client, aiming to discover sustainable methods of nourishment tailored to their needs.

She emphasizes the transformative power of education and endeavors to impart her wisdom to others.

Passionate about promoting mindful and intuitive eating, Sarah advocates for whole foods and plant-based nutrition as essential components of long-term health and wellness

Sarah Shoemaker

R.H.N, PT, Mind Body Eating Coach

Dr. Laurie Marbas

MD, MBA Plant Based physician

licensed in all 50 states & DC

Meet Dr. Laurie Marbas

Dr. Laurie Marbas, a distinguished board-certified Lifestyle and Family Medicine physician, enlisted in Fit Vegan coaching in 2023, where she collaborated with Coach Maxime.

Under Maxime's guidance, Dr. Marbas achieved significant results, shedding 7% body fat and 3 inches off her waistline. Impressed by her transformation and expertise, Dr. Marbas has joined forces with Fit Vegan to extend her services to our members.

With a blend of professionalism and versatility, she is dedicated to delivering tailored healthcare solutions to address your individual needs.

Seize this unique opportunity to partner with Dr. Marbas and witness the profound impact she can make on your journey to health and wellness.

Dr. Laurie Marbas

MD, MBA Plant Based physician

licensed in all 50 states & DC

The Fit Vegan Blueprint is backed by science and trusted by over 750 + clients.


"Lost 74 lbs in 10 Months"


"Got Abs For The First Time at 42"


"She's Thriving with Abs at 58"


"Abs For The First Time At 53"

Dr. Laurie

"Lost 3 Inches Around Her Waist"


"Competed a Half Marathon at 43"

Lose Up to 20 Pounds of Fat and Gain Lean Muscle in under 16-Weeks!

We empathize with your struggles ... because we've experienced them too. You've experimented with numerous diets, yet still struggle to shed excess weight, tackle stubborn belly fat and actually keep it off. Your energy levels are dwindling, and your sleep quality is suffering. It's evident that your metabolism and hormones aren't functioning optimally. Perhaps you've resigned yourself to this state of being. However, you deserve to feel vibrant, resilient, and full of vitality at any stage of life. Enter the Fit Vegan Blueprint, the sole program equipped with science proven systems and app designed to facilitate fat burning and muscle building in just sixteen weeks. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to a healthier, more energetic you.

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    Become the Healthiest and Fittest version of Yourself while keeping the weight off.

We are backed by Top

Plant-based Doctors For A Reason.

Imagine having all the tools necessary to achieve your desired physique right at your fingertips. Look no further than the holistic Fit Vegan Blueprint. With your membership, you gain access to personalized coaching, invaluable educational resources, and unwavering support. Plus, enjoy complimentary use of our state-of-the-art mobile app or desktop portal, equipped with everything you need to succeed on your journey to optimal health and fitness.

How To Create Your Own Vegan Meal Plan

Follow a step by step plan to structuring your nutrition.

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